The HR Project specializes in organizing training in two main areas:

  • so-called “social“, related to the functioning of the employee in the company, where the relevant aspects are: communication skills, assertiveness, or coping with stress
  • IT, which allows gain or develop knowledge and skills related to creating applications in various programming languages and different platforms

We carry out training as open in the form of courses, lectures, workshops and closed as “in house”. Our trainers are professionals with practical experience gained while working on a wide range of projects in various organizations.

A detailed offer of our training can be found below. We invite you to check our offer and to contact us by phone +48 513 30 46 17 or via the contact form.

Social training – offer:
– Interpersonal communication
– Assertiveness
– Motivation
– Coping with stress
– Time management
– Self-esteem

IT training – offer:
– C# programming basics
– C++ programming basics (including C ++ 11)
– iOS programming basics (Swift language)
– Xamarin Forms basics (C# language)
– Test Driven Development in .NET (C# language)

The IT training is offered both in Polish and English.

In addition, it is possible to order individual IT training, which is not listed above. If you are interested in such a solution, please contact us by phone +48 513 30 46 17 or via the contact form.