Personal consulting

HR Project is a team of experts on personal consulting. We provide recruitment services for specialist and managerial positions both at home and abroad.

Why personal consulting is worth it?

HR Project offers a comprehensive assistance in selecting and evaluating candidates for key positions. We make every effort to make the recruitment process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Here are some reasons why you should use our services.

Personal consulting is a way to get faster access to qualified candidates

In HR Project we understand that a well-structured recruitment process is primarily a quick access to valuable candidates. The dynamics of recruitment projects (the number of positions to fill, the high requirements for the skills needed, etc.) make the transfer of recruitment projects to professional agency  a necessity. The know-how of HR Project allows to implement a recruitment method tailored to the needs of the Client and the nature of the position.

Optimizing labor costs resulting from time saving

Analyzing applications, direct search, or scheduling interviews are just some of the things you can transfer to HR Project.  Thanks to this, you save your time and focus on your business. HR Project will facilitate and streamline operations in this area, take care of the back office activities, and produce reports that will show the progress of ongoing processes in an intuitive way.

Comprehensive assessment of qualifications and professional predispositions of candidates

We believe that the success of each recruitment process depends on the proper assessment of the candidate’s qualifications. The role of the HR Project’s personal advisor is to perform a thorough analysis of the candidate’s qualifications before meeting with the HR department of our Client. Using the tools to assess the qualifications of our candidates we are able to choose the best candidates for the job. In case of complicated, multi-stage recruitment process, we provide assistance and advice on tools that should be applied at each stage of the recruitment path. We minimize the cost and commitment of the Client.
Guarantee period for each employee

Well conducted personal counseling is a guarantee of the outcome. The result of the recruitment process is not just a positive employment decision. HR Project will only gain when our candidate starts a long-term co-operation with the Client. For this reason we make a guarantee on our recruitment service. You will find it in our offer. If you are looking for HR support, you are welcome to contact the HR Project team. We will help you in the implementation of your recruitment projects.