IT recruitment

IT is one of the fastest growing segments of the market. Workplaces are not lacking, global forecasts show steady, rapid growth in demand. The law of demand and supply makes monthly IT recruiting more and more challenging. Finally, the number of experienced and talented programmers is quite limited.

HR Project was created primarily for the effective and efficient recruitment of the IT industry. We prefer narrow specialization in recruitment projects to mass recruitment.
Help! I can’t find a programmer for a couple of months.

The outsourcing of IT recruitment services usually precedes the several months spent by Client on unsuccessful attempts to find the qualified specialist. This has been experienced by many of our Clients  who we have pleasure to work with.

When planning recruiting for IT, we need to keep in mind the basics. For most professionals, the labor market is not local or national. In case of an experienced programmer who communicates effectively in English, we are dealing with a global job market. For this reason, many companies find it difficult to recruit a programmer who can boast great coding skills as well as specific results – such as completed new functionalities.
Must recruiting of programmers take so much time?

The above mentioned difficulties can easily be recalculated on time. The time HR department devotes to unsuccessful search for candidates. The time when IT department remains without the necessary support to develop business. Time is the money. Master team of the HR Project consultant effectively conducts recruitment process for IT branch. Our consultants have not only the necessary experience and a network of contacts but understand the motivation of the programmers. Proven recruiting tools help them recruit efficiently and effectively. Here are some important elements of this process.
Job description is the starting point for IT recruitment

The starting point to start recruiting in the IT industry is to properly define the scope of responsibilities, requirements and job description. Programmers are concrete people who appreciate clearly defined assumptions and rules of work for a new employer. We give a lot of attention to this element of the process, because it is an investment that recovers as a smooth recruitment process. A thorough understanding of the Client’s expectations towards the candidates will allow properly select candidates at the first stage of recruitment.
The direct search method is an effective recruiting weapon

Active acquisition of developers is essential. There is a lot of truth in the well-known IT professionals’ saying “A good specialist is not looking for a job. The job is looking for him.”. According to the latest recruitment reports, the best candidates get a new job by recommendation. When looking for professionals, we use a variety of methods – social and professional networks, business contacts, IT industry events.

Phone screening and interviewing cannot be clichéd

We must remember that recognized specialists are flooded with job offers on daily basis. We realize that the candidates’ opinion on IT recruiters is not very positive. IT recruiters usually do not provide the candidate with all the details of the offer, are not engaged and interested when interviewing the candidate or just run a template recruitment process. HR Project avoids the most common recruiting “sins” by striving to positively surprise potential candidates. We are well aware of the expectations of both sides of the recruitment process and make every effort to ensure that it is not “another job interview”.