The Polish automotive industry employs over 160,000 people. A large part of this group are highly qualified specialists and middle and senior managers. Our team is working with HR departments at automotive recruitment. “I’m looking for Automation Service Engineer”, that is about the challenges of recruiting for the automotive industry Hr Project understands the character of the automotive industry and the problems in finding the best employees. We use proven methodology –  direct search – that is perfect for recruiting professionals. Recruiting for the automotive industry certainly belongs to this group.Proven track of successful recruitments for the branch and understanding the specific character of the automotive industry made HR Project a trustful partner for many automotive companies.Our consultants are able to match the needs of candidates with the expectations of our Clients. The vital element of our offer is a guarantee period for each completed recruitment process.

Recruitment process in the automotive industry, or how to find the perfect candidate.

The first step in recruiting specialists is to carefully define requirements and create a credible and comprehensive job description. With the profile defined we can move on to the next stage – the search and selection of candidates. Together with our Clients we precisely define skills required for the given position. We also focus on personal characteristics of candidates  considering the environment they may work in. The automotive industry is demanding hence our individual approach to each recruitment project.

What character traits are usually desirable in the automotive industry?A candidate who understands the need for self-development and being up to dateThe automotive industry is dynamic and innovative. This indirectly implies the necessity of self-development by specialists at every stage of professional career. Candidates open to trainings and self-broadening their knowledge are the most desired ones. Specialist not affected by the “job-hopping” syndrome“Job-hopper” is a candidate who changes jobs very often. However, it  not always means that a person is a disloyal employee. It is challenging for recruiters to analyze and understand reasons for frequent job changes. It may turn out that we are dealing with a very ambitious person, whose previous positions did not allow full use of potential. Short-term projects may also be misleading when analyzing cv only.Our recruitment projects for automotive companies are full of examples when motivation has led to the acquisition of a competent and loyal candidate for the position, while the cv analysis itself pointed out something else. For Clients  Are you looking for support in recruiting for the automotive industry? Contact us at 501 45 45 68 and let us optimize the recruitment process. For candidates Are you looking for new challenges in the automotive industry? Contact us.